Bouncing Poetry off an Art Exhibition

It’s been a while! During a couple of big career changes this site went underground for a while. Vanoggend toe ek sit en gedigte print vir vanmiddag se voorlesing, het ek met ‘n slag onthou dat dit seker tyd is om weer ‘n slag ‘n verskyning aanlyn te maak. I’ll tell you another time about the collection of virtual travel haiku I piled up during Lockdown.

Today I’m stepping out with a brand-new collection, literally hot off the printer. The artist Diane Harper told me about an art exhibition, Landscape, in Cape Town she was hosting along with ceramic artists Sarah Walters and David Walters at the Sarah Walters Gallery. And, because we looked out of such similar locked down windows over the past two year, working with landscapes, we started talking about the idea of bouncing a collection of poems off the art works in the exhibition.

It’s been truly inspiring, sitting down to create such a focused collection, inspired by their beautiful, rich art and the coastline of my daily walks. Thank you, Diane, Sarah and David, for this opportunity to collaborate. I will carry your art with me for a long time.