As jy in die omgewing is, I’m the featured poet at this week’s Off The Wall poetry evening in Observatory, Cape Town. This is a weekly event in Cape Town and I’ve listened to some wonderful poets there in the past. My reading is followed by their usual open mic, and I would love to hear your poems as well.

This is my first 2018 appearance and I’m running around excitedly, printing off the last poems. Here’s a sneak look at a brand-new one from the Little Karoo Collection:

Little Karoo Evening Breeze

 In the evenings when the little dogs

crack through the yellow bushes –

there might be a South wind.

And only the rock banks cling to the day’s heat

like a scorpion on a thick curtain

when the windows could finally open.


For the Afrikaans version of this one, and many other poems, come listen tonight! Details on the OTW blog or their FB page. 

2 thoughts on “Reading tonight at Off The Wall, Cape Town!

  1. Absolutely beautiful Doret! Jou gedig vertroos die siel en jou dapperheid is ‘n inspirasie! Did I get that right? Thank you for your post! And keep reading!


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